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Как отдыхают истинные Леди!

Оригинал взят у rinadavis в Как отдыхают истинные Леди!
Скачки до усрачки!
Struggling in high heels: A lady helps her friend to keep balance as she staggers through the grounds of Aintree this evening
мент-хорошая подставка

Catching a lift: One opportunistic female race-goer was pictured stretched out in the arms of a police officer at the end of Ladies' Day 
нижний брейк

Long day takes it toll: A woman lies on the ground after temporarily giving up on the journey home following a drink-fuelled day at Aintree
выпьем за любовь!
Ready for bed: One woman appeared to have had enough to drink as she offered her glass up to be taken by her male companions
прикурила папироску
Crafty fag: A female race-fan, who has ditched her high heels for flip flops, kneels so that she can light a cigarette
Это не бомжи:)
Dinner time: A group of ladies take a seat on the litter-laden ground while having a bite to eat this evening
бегемоты на привале без копмлексов
The aftermath: Two women sit alone in Aintree surrounded by litter following the completion of the day's races
берегут экологию
Mountains of garbage: Hundreds of plastic cups, bottles and cans are heaped alongside discarded high heels
великосветский махач
The brawl: Up to eight men became involved in a fight as an indifferent-looking crowd watched the spectacle
белые цыгане
High spirited: Towards the end of the afternoon, the effects of the day's champagne consumption started to become clear

Dancing queen: A high spirited lady shows off her dance moves as she enjoys her day out
Dancing queen: A high spirited lady shows off her dance moves as she enjoys her day out

привал гламура
Good for a giggle: A cheerful pair of ladies pose for a selfie while tucking into a box of chips

Sunbathing: Ladies huddle on a tarmac concourse as they enjoy a drink while topping up their tans
Жизнерадостные тетки
Great day out: Two ladies burst into peals of laughter as they enjoy their day out at Aintree
эмоциональные тетки
Delighted: Her horse was clearly the eventual winner and Cyrus Darius' romp home to victory left this lady looking utterly thrilled
отдых людей без комплексов
Break to pose! The ladies left drinking and sunbathing alone briefly while waving cheerfully at a passing photographer
отдых счастливых людей
Brilliant fun: A hen party appears to be making the most of their day out and make a bright splash of colour against the grey concrete
И эти люди будут учить нас жить? ДА ОНИ БУДУТ!!!

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